Steadpoint Group - Audit Examples

The Steadpoint audit process should take about 5 minutes... REALLY!  10 minutes if you include having to watch the below video, take a moment to print the documents, and then email the documents to:

If you do not have the audit document for your business, you can call (205) 980-7800 or send them an email at and ask for the audit documents.  NOTE: America Insurance Brokers should have already emailed you this document.

Watch a quick video on how to fill out the Steadpoint Group Audit form

Here is the actual form used in the video showing you example of how to fill out the form.

The insurance company will also need a copy of the most recent tax return SCHEDULE C and supporting documents.

Please call Steadpoint with questions at (205) 980-7800

IMPORTANT: If you are set up with Automatic payments and do not finish the audit in 6+- months, the insurance company will issue a Non-Compliant Audit charge equal to or great than the original cost of the policy... Those funds will be automatically withdrawn from your account.  DO NOT PUT YOURSELF in that position. Call us at- (678) 682-9700

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