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Key Features and Benefits of the Openly Homeowner Policy

Every Home is Insured to Replacement Value

Each home is insured to the Replacement Value of the structure in Today's dollars.  Each Renewal will continue to adjust to the home's New Replacement Value.

What Makes Openly different is that each home policy has extended home coverage up to 5,000,000 to replace the loss.

Most carriers define "extended coverage" with a 10%, 25%, 50%, or 100% added funds available to replace/restore the Dwelling after a loss.  Openly extends coverage for replacement up to $5,000,000.

Water Backup Coverage

Water backup coverage is a unique benefit to a homeowner policy that extends coverage for the backup of water into the home.  If water backs up on the third floor, the cost of repair can be excessive.  Openly can extended water backup coverage to the value of the home's replacement value.  Homes with custom floors and fine fixtures and wall finishes benefit greatly with the added coverage.

Pools are eligible with Openly

Do you have a swimming pool?  Want to add your diving board back?  Slides interest you for the pool? Openly provides coverage for all of these options so you can enjoy the swimming pool like you desire.

Openly covers Trampolines

Safety is key and good judgement and supervision is encouraged, but still Openly permits  Trampolines for coverage.

1,000,000 Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is important.  Openly can extend liability coverage for the home up to 1,000,000 on a Personal Lines policy.   Personal Lines policy means that you can extend a traditional personal lines umbrella policy over the home and still be eligible. (Note: Check with your carrier to confirm coverage can extend)

An Assortment of Additional Coverage Options

Openly Homeowner Policy Comparison

How is Openly Home Insurance different than other carriers?  Click here for a quick overview of the benefits of the Openly policy!

All Dog Breeds Are ELIGIBLE

Pit Bulls - Eligible

Dobermans - Eligible

All Breeds of Dogs are Eligible

Any bite history and any dog may be ineligible

Air BNB - Vacation Rentals - Secondary Homes


Finally an insurance company that steps up to the changing market needs!  Openly insures homes that are secondary homes, Air BNB, Vacation Rentals, or just Secondary Homes.  

Landlord Policies Eligible - Dwelling Fire

Do you have a higher value tenant occupied home and desire additional coverage?  Openly provides solutions that exceed the traditional landlord policy while still permitting ownership in LLC, or other entities to meet the investor's ownership style.

Check out the Openly Landlord Policy compared to other carriers' coverage by reviewing the Openly Landlord Comparison Brochure, click here

LLC Ownership and Trusts are Acceptable

Tired of hearing your agent state that your LLC can only be added as an Additional Interest?  Openly can add your entity as a Named Insured.  Yes! Named Insured coverage for LLC's and other entities providing coverage as you expect a policy to protect you and respond if needed.

Solar Panels Covered

Do you have solar panels and are you looking for coverage? Openly can extend coverage for Solar Panels.

A Variety of Deductibles!

Looking to save additional Dollars?  Openly has the following deductible options for standard deductibles, Wind/Hail deductibles, and Hurrican deductibles:

  • 1,000
  • 2,500
  • 5,000
  • 10,000
  • 15,000
  • 25,000
  • 50,000
  • 75,000
  • 100,000

We Provide Homeowner Policies with Openly Home Insurance within 10 minutes of calling (678) 648-7460

No obligation quotes where we will never ask your social security number and will need the basic following information-

  • Your Name
  • Your Birth Date
  • Your Address
  • How the home is used- Rental? Primary Home? Secondary Home? VRBO?
  • From there Openly does occasionally ask for the last 4 of the person's social BUT NEVER MORE than that.
  • The age of your roof?
  • Home traits- basement? roof type? and your preferred coverage options.

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